Start playing Spades

Before concerning yourself with which type of Spades to play, it helps to know how to play the game in general. The rules are fairly simple despite allowing for some very complex gameplay. The entire deck is dealt to four people whether in pairs or playing solo. The goal of the game is the opposite of hearts with Spades as a trump card—you want as many tricks as possible. And you bid on how many tricks you will take before you look at your hand.

Seven Reasons to Play Spades Online

Poker, Hearts, and Blackjack get all the love, but Spades players know the joy of a gentleman’s game. It mixes your ability to predict how well you can play and forces you to not only play a given hand as best as possible, but to guess how well you can play it! This main distinction (besides seeking versus avoiding tricks) between Spades and its companion, Hearts, and why it is said to require more skill. Internet Spades, however is much more of a good time than playing in person.

VIP Spades v31 Changelog: Leagues and Bonuses!

New Tournaments – Different tournament every week with huge prizes. For a period of one week you can enter a fixed tournament session. Pay the bet once and play unlimited games for the duration of the tournament! With this, we’re setting up the perfect start for larger spades league plays. VIP Spades will release new tournaments every week!

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