Card Games to Play Online

We selected our collection of card games online, supporting the options to play for free with a computer and live opponents in the multiplayer lobby.

For each game, you can read the short rules and get a first impression of each game. We hope that this information facilitates you and it is possible to learn how to play just for a few minutes.

There are some very popular card games (Hearts, Spades, Rummy) and others that are favorite options in different parts of the world. Some of the caching but not so popular card games worldwide are Belote, Chinchón, Tressette, Brisca.

In VIP Spades we try to improve constantly the information about our card games online. We expect to insert new ones as Gin Rummy and Buraco soon.

Facts about card games

Learn some Interesting facts about the card games:

The first known card game is from the 9th century. It is known that the game name was “leaf game”, played in China during the Tang dynasty. There are other theories that suppose Indian or Egyptian origin of the first card games. Source: (Wikipedia en ; es)

The card games were introduced in Europe from China or Egypt. They came first to Spain or Italy in 1370, introduced by merchants of Arabic origin.

The playing cards were handmade and luxury goods. The first manufactured cards were fabricated in Germany during the 15th century.

After the mass production, the card games became more popular than other games played before. (Source: Britannica)

Actually, the most popular card games in the world are: Solitaire, Hearts, Spades, Rummy, Yahtzee. (Source: VIP Spades)

The suits (french deck) are based on different European classes: (Source:

  • Spades represents Nobility
  • Hearts are a symbol of the Holy Clergy
  • Diamonds are representing the Merchants
  • Clubs are the suit of the Peasants

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