Mau Mau Online

Mau Mau is a shedding-type card game similar to UNO and Crazy Eights. The game goal is to discard all the cards in your hand before other players. To do that you have to match them to the suit or the number of the last discarded card in a pile.

There are special cards:

– Jacks: a player can choose a new suit
– 8: the next player skips his turn
– 9: reverses the order of playing(clockwise to counterclockwise and vice versa)
– 7: forces the next player to take 2 cards. If he responds with a 7, he does not need to take the 2 cards. Instead, the next player is the one who must take 4 cards. And so on until players no longer have number 7 cards.

To win, the player must announce that he is about to play his last card. This is done with the “Mau Mau” statement. If he fails, he must take 2 more cards.

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