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VIP Spades 3.7

by | Last updated: Apr 13, 2021 | VIP Spades News

Dear players, we are happy to announce that the New Version is here! Keep reading so you can know all the new functionalities!

1. Play Spades with Jokers

In the new version, you can now play with Jokers!

Jokers stand for 2 of Clubs and 2 of Diamonds. The Big Joker which is the Full colored Red Joker is the Highest card, and the little Joker is the Black one.
The ranking of the cards is as follows:

spades card rankings with jokers
Read the full spades rules.

Create your custom game in the Lobby Play with Friends where you can choose to play with or without Jokers and enjoy this brand NEW option on VIP Spades!

2. Daily Challenges

Even more thrill, dynamism and rewards for all who are ready to challenge themselves! The daily missions in the new version are a sure way to maintain the sports spirit, to upgrade your capabilities and to benefit from it!

You will find 3 daily missions next to your avatar in the upper left corner of the screen. They are valid for 24 hours only. The daily challenges are updated every day and if they are not completed on the respective day, you lose your progress and you will have 3 new missions.

You have to know that:

  • When the check light is green – there are missions to complete.
  • When there is a red exclamation mark sign next to the missions, as in the bonus section, it means you have chips to collect.
  • When the check is in gold – all missions are completed.

3. Knockout Tournaments

This option allows the players to compete with other players and multiply the entry bet if they manage to win consecutively in the three rounds with direct eliminations. In the elimination, people of different levels with different bets will play against each other, but only one wins.

The principle of direct elimination is applied:

  • everyone who wins moves on
  • everyone who loses can test their skills again by starting again with a new bet.

There is no time limit as in the other tournaments in the platform. You can play a game at any time. If you win it, you move on. Your progress will be kept and you can play the second and third at any time. If you have a loss, however, you go directly out of the knockout eliminations.

The minimum required level to participate is 5th level.

4. Voice messages during the game

You will now be able to send voice messages during the games. This option will be available only for the mobile application of the game and only in the Play with friends room.

The message will be heard by all users. After sending it, it will disappear and will not be kept in any form.

Web users will be able only to enable / disable this option when creating games in the Play with friends room.

5. Like topics in the Chat

All users who have access to the global chat will be able to like the topics there. This only applies to the visible first post in the topic, not for the messages it contains.

You can tap once to like it, if you tap twice the like is removed.

6. New gameplay tier – “Legends+”

A new room has been added for the most experienced players. Everyone over level 50 will have the opportunity to prove their skills in the new game room: “Legends”.