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Say Hello to the New Content Patch

by | Last updated: Jan 31, 2023 | VIP Spades News

Christmas will come as expected and in the season of gift giving and sharing, we’ve decided to add some amazing new features. We’re adding tournament play, reworking the solo room, many new features to the Custom Games room and most importantly – Christmas spirit!

In no order in particular, here is some more information about what we’re adding to the game

Tournament Play

There are two types of tournament play.

  • “Classic Tournament” consisting of 16 players in 3 tournament rounds;
  • “Quick Tournament” for 8 players only in 2 tournament rounds;

Both VIP Spades Tournaments have a win/loose score of -250/300 and the Round Limit is 7 rounds. The game round will end when one of the following conditions is met:

    • A team will win when they reach 300 points within 7 rounds;
    • A team will loose when they go down to -250 points within 7 rounds;
    • When the 7th round ends, the team with the higher score will be declared as a winner;

Both types are played with the excising pairs rule set.

To open the tournaments lobby, click “Tournaments” from the home screen.

Click to choose the type of tournament you want to play. When all players are present, everyone will be paired and the first round will begin.

After the end of each round the winning pair will proceed to the next stage. Before every round, the winning players will be mixed again and new teams will be formed.

The winning pear in the final round will win the Grand Prize, while the runner-ups take a consolation Second Place Prize.

If you intentionally leave a Tournament you will not be able to rejoin. There will be no exceptions.

Here’s a short gif on how to enter and what to expect:

Changes to the Solo Room

Due to the high number of reports for people abusing the system, we’re changing how the Solo room works.

  • The Solo Games have no loosing score;
  • The Winning score is set to 400;
  • There is now a Turn Limit of 10 rounds;

The game can end in two different ways – either by someone reaching 400 positive score in 10 rounds or the person with highest score after the 10th round ends. If two or more people have the same score at the end of the 10th round, an 11th round is played. This will happen again if the highest score is equal again.

Everything else about the solo room will stay the same – the bad limit is 5 and the penalty is 50. If you intentionally leave a Solo game, you will be fined 50% of the bet. The winner takes his (initial bet)*3. There is no runner-up.

Mobile Guest Account Merger

If you’ve registered as a guest with a mobile device, you can now merge it with a Facebook/Email address. This way you will be able to log in to that account with the corresponding Facebook/Email address. Any progress made on the receiving account (i.e. the not-guest Facebook/Email) will be overridden by the progress of the guest account. This is really complicated in theory, but very simple to do in practice. Here’s what you do if you want to merge:

  1. Log in with your guest account;
  2. Open your profile and scroll to the bottom;
  3. Click the Facebook/Email connect button;
  4. Enter your credentials and confirm the merge.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

Google Play/Game Center Integration

(this will roll out to all devices within the next week)

When you log in through the app on a mobile device, you will be able to also log in with Android’s Google Play Games or Apple’s Game Center.

We’ve added some achievements and platform specific leaderboards. Find your friends, hunt for achievements and become the best player on your platform!

Rewarded Videos and Interstitial Banners – Mobile Only

Nobody likes disruptive ads, but everyone likes free chips. We’ve decided to give more options to you – the player, to get more free chips. Every once in a while, you will be given the option to watch a short 30-second video and get a decent reward. At first it may not seem as much, but if you watch a few videos, you’ll be able to double or even triple the amount you get from the daily bonus.

We’re also trying out some banner ads. This is an experimental feature and we don’t know if it will stay – currently you will only see them when you open the tournament lobby. You can close the banner and you will not see another one in around 2 hours.

VIP Players will not see interstitial banners, but will have the option to watch rewarded videos.

We are constantly looking for feedback, especially for experimental features like this. Feel free to contact us and share your opinion on [email protected] at any time!

Additional Changes

You can now choose to Enable or disable Nil and Blind Nil for your game. The option is available in our Custom Games room.

Additional Custom Games Options

The features you wanted are finally here! Due to popular demand, we are adding the options to enable or disable both Nil and Blind Nil for your custom game! We’ve also added a third way to end a game – Round Limits. You can create a game that lasts only 4 rounds if you so desire. Setting the option to 0 will disable Round Limits. This is an important option and you should check if the game you’re entering has Turn Limits enabled!

Custom Bets - default option - 10 000
Win/Loss Score Limits - default option - -150/200
Game Modes and Turn Time - default option - Pairs & 30 sec
Round Limit - default option - 0
Additional Options - default option - Shuffle-OFF, NIL and Blind Nil-ON

Game Bundles & Christmas Deals

We’ve added a third tab in our store – Bundles. You are able to buy our Christmas Bundle  “VIP + Chips” with a huge Christmas discount! There are two bundles available for sale:

  • VIP 1 month + Suitcase of Chips – Old price: $11.76 NEW Price: $5.99;
  • VIP 6 months + Bags of Chips Old price: $55.98 NEW Price: $24.99;

We’ve prepared a short video on how the checkout process for the new bundles works.

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