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Unwrapping Joy: Your Festive Advent Calendar

by | Last updated: Dec 4, 2023 | VIP Spades News

There’s something truly enchanting about the countdown to Christmas, and what better way to capture that magic than with an Advent calendar?

As the holiday season approaches, we at VIP Spades, are thrilled to introduce an enchanting experience that will make your December days even more delightful – our Advent Calendar! Is the anticipation building up already? From December 4th to December 24th, dive into the magic of the season with daily surprises that extend beyond the ordinary.

How it works

Here’s a peek into the gears that make it tick.

  • Daily offer. Each day, from December 4th to December 24th, presents a unique opportunity. Buy an offer from the calendar, and voila!
  • Buy one, get a surprise! We’ll add an extra layer of excitement with an exclusive bonus to enhance your festive spirit. The bonuses will be new each week, and here is what to expect.

The prizes

Every week, the calendar transforms into a themed wonderland, sprinkling a touch of magic aligned with the Christmas spirit.

In one week, you can expect a gorgeous winter frame for your user profile. Another week, you can embrace the festive vibes by updating your profile with a new Christmas-themed card deck and table setup.

And no Christmas goodies are complete without a pack of quirky new emojis designed to add a playful touch to your conversations. Elevate the holiday spirit in every message and make your card games even more memorable.

So, celebrate the season in style. Every day holds a new surprise, and every week brings a fresh theme to keep the holiday magic alive. So get ready to unwrap joy from December 4th to December 24th.

Let’s make this holiday season one to remember!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Thank you for being part of the VIP Spades community!