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    Trick or Treat, it’s time to wear your Halloween outfit!

    by | Oct 31, 2016 | Interesting Facts

    Halloween Costumes History and Origins

    Halloween or Hallowe’en, also known as  All Saints’ Eve has ancient Celtic roots. The date 31st October marked the beginning of winter. Samhain (pronounced Sah-ween) signifies “End of Summer”. It was a period of goblins, demons and witches. The Winter was a season of ghosts, and Samhain was the night of their discharge from the Underworld. In order to secure their properties, people made campfires to keep the evil spirits under control. The festival was later Christianised as Halloween.

    Nowadays, the festival has been transformed to a celebration where people dress in scary outfits to spook demonic spirits away. Playing ‘trick or-treat’ is a famous activity among children that possess a benevolent soul. Many kids and adults spruce up in spooky outfits and visit different homes in the area. They walk visit the houses and ask for desserts, snacks or a little blessing.

    Halloween Costume Ideas

    Do you know that the costume traditions are different in some countries around the world? We have listed in some interesting outfits for Halloween across some countries. Keep reading!

    For example in China, people wear outfits in public on occasion and opera events. Luxurious headgear and military shields are utilized to recognize the character’s identity, positioning and status. The masks used to scare the demons also have a folklore motive.
    In Japanese theater, ghosts are depicted with worn out and untidy hair, white kimonos and white face make-up.
    An interesting outfit can be seen in Romania – a popular costume at many Transylvanian Halloween parties is vampire. The Vlad’s image has inspired what we view as a classic vampire today which wear a cape. It is believed that he had an allergy to blood which gave him pale skin, and he had a violent nature.
    People attending the party as a vampire often paint their faces white and wear fangs. These are all attributes of the main character in Bram Stoker’s, “Dracula”.
    In Ireland many adults and children dress up as the dead for the celebration. They darken their faces and wear white, to look like a goblin. They also made covers and wore cloaks to disguise their character.
    The skeleton is utilized as a primary Halloween decoration in Mexico.
    In Nigeria the spirits who came back to their living families are depicted by village men, wearing beautiful veils. The outfits are enriched with leaves, dots, quills, and different materials from plants.

    Run out of ideas for costumes? Are you tired to spend too much time googling what kind of costume to wear? Well, you are in luck. Check out these ideas for Halloween costumes for you or your kids.

    Let’s put together a creative last-minute Halloween outfit with minimal costs and effort

    Be a BAT girl

    What you need to do: get a black cloth, scissors and for the bat ears you can use an old headband and glue.


    All you need is a strong hair gel and temporary hair colour spray, wear some skin colour shorts and you’ll have a really cool-looking troll entourage.

    Grumpy cat

    What you need to do: Buy white face paint than apply a bit eye-shadow. For blending, use a sponge.


    Skeletons can look hot, as well! All you need is a black top to paint the skeleton body onto and use face make-up.

    No matter what Halloween outfit you have, this day  is an opportunity to be really creative and  have fun with your friends!

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