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Club Summer Marathon

by | Last updated: Jun 18, 2024 | VIP Spades News

Join us for the ultimate test of endurance and skill in our Club Summer Marathon! For a ten-day period, club members will compete fiercely in a designated playing room. This is your chance to showcase your dedication and bring glory to your club!

Event Details:
Start date: 17th of June
End date: 27th of June
Duration: Ten days!
Objective: Play as many 2,000,000 entry games in the β€œPlay with Friends” room, Pairs lobby to earn marathon points.

How to Participate:
Ensure you are a member of a club!
Play Games: Log in and play as many games as you can in the designated playing room.
Contribute to Your Club: All marathon points earned will contribute to your club’s total.

Winning the Marathon:
The club with the most marathon points at the end of the ten-day period will be crowned the winner of the Club Summer Marathon!

🌟 Player with the most games – 15 marathon points
🌟 2nd Place – 14 marathon points
🌟 3rd Place – 13 marathon points
🌟 4th Place – 12 marathon points
🌟 5th Place – 11 marathon points
🌟 6th Place – 10 marathon points
🌟 7th Place – 9 marathon points
🌟 8th Place – 8 marathon points
🌟 9th Place – 7 marathon points
🌟 10th Place – 6 marathon points
🌟 11th Place – 5 marathon points
🌟 12th Place – 4 marathon points
🌟 13th Place – 3 marathon points
🌟 14th Place – 2 marathon points
🌟 15th Place – 1 marathon point

If two or more clubs finish with the same number of marathon points, the club with the higher club level will be positioned ahead in the final standings.

The top club and winner of the marathon will receive 10 club coins. Each club coin grants chips to all the members of the club. Additionally, the players from the winning club who played the most games will receive club experience.

Good luck, and may the best club win!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Thank you for being part of the VIP Spades community!