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Rummy 500 Rules

Discover how to play Rummy 500 like a pro with our comprehensive guide. Learn the rules, strategies, and tips to master this classic card game.

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Spades vs. Hearts

Comparison between 2 of the most popular card games – Spades and Hearts. Read about the similarities and differences as well as what makes them unique to play.

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Game News

The Internet is the best place where you can try new card games or search for the rules of the ones you have heard of. You can test your skills in different card games against opponents from all over the World. Read about the most popular card games played online.

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History of Spades

The modern game of Spades became popular in the late 1940’s, especially on college campuses. It is assumed it descended from Whist. Spades also has a kindred spirit with Bridge, Pinochle, Euchre and other similar games featuring partnership play, bidding and a trump suit. It is determined that this game was introduced first in Cincinnati, Ohio, among the student society.

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